About ME

I have been sewing for 35 years. I began learning from my Mom and then searched out others to add to that knowledge. When you are a teenager over 6 feet tall you need to learn how to sew. I then branched out into quilting and pieced my first top 25 years ago and tied it. After a few years of wear it landed in a box in storage. After making many many quilts and giving them away it became sad that my work would be lucky to last five years. I then found the Gammill Longarm Quilting Machine. For the last 18 years I have loved reading everything I could on these machines and prayed that someday that it would be a possibility. After many years of coaching my kids sports teams, being active in their class rooms, and even home schooling our kids and others my possibility is here. I am now a proud owner of a Statler Stitcher Optimum Gammill Longarm Quilting Machine. I would love to help your quilts last a lifetime just like the many quilts I have made will take on a new life.