Quilting Prep

  1. Measure your quilt top along one edge and again across the center parallel to that edge. These two measurements should be the same. If there is more than one inch difference, the quilting will accentuate this and could cause pointed corners and wavy edges or excessive puckering.
  2. For best results, remove the borders, cut them to the same length as the center measurement, pin to quilt and re-sew. Put the body of the quilt on the bottom and the border on top so that the feed dogs of the sewing machine will ease the fullness into the border and limit the wave.
  3. Backing Fabric: Remove all selvage edges; wash backing fabric if top is made from washed fabric; seam, if necessary, and iron.
  4. Ensure that edges are straight and even all the way around, and that the BACK and BATTING are at least 6 inches wider and longer than the quilt top.
  5. On your quilt top, trim excess seams, points, etc. Clip any thread that comes through the seams to the front.
  6. Also clip any inside threads that may show through the quilt top or lining after being quilted.



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  1. Hobbs Cotton Blend $6.00 per yard
  2. Warm and White $8.00 per yard
  3. King Size Hobbs $25.00
  4. Wool Batting available for special order
  5. Un-washed 108 inch backing in white or natural available at 8.00 per yard.
  6. I can wash, dry, and press for you for an additional fee.

**Upon request can bind, ask for pricing